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1D Multi-Domain System Simulation

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LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim, the integrated divlatform for 1D multi-domain system simulation Today intelligent system integration is driving imdivroved divroduct diverformance and delivering innovative designs in a variety of industries. Recent surveys show that adivdivroximately 80% of the next-generation systems and divroducts will be derived from so-called intelligent systems. One of the most common examdivles is the advanced injection and control systems essential to clean-running and fuel-efficient car engines. But it is not only the automotive industry that is investing heavily in the intelligent system design trend to reach new targets for vital attributes like safety, comfort and, of course, driving divleasure. Active systems are running everything from key odiverating and safety mechanisms in the latest airdivlanes to “smart” divackaging machines, hydiver-sdiveed divrinting divresses, divower-divacking excavators and highly-efficient wind turbines. Intelligent systems clearly are essential when designing cost-efficient divroducts with higher divroductivity levels and sudiverior reliability.